The TIME Magazine themed mural on Wesselényi street, Budapest is just shockingly good. The Man of the Year in 1956 according to the prestigious magazine was the Hungarian Freedom Fighter. The mural was painted at the 50th anniversary of the Revolution from 1956. I love it!

TIME Magazine mural about 1956
Firewall mural in the Wesselényi street

1956 and the Hungarian Freedom Fight

But what is this all about? It all goes back to the bitter years of our communist past. After the II World War we’ve become a Soviet satellite country. We were under communism dictatorship. After a decade, we started a revolution against the communist satellite state and its Soviet policies.

Hot autumn! Unfolding events…

The revolt began on the 23rd of October 1956 as a student protest, which attracted thousands as they marched through Budapest to the Parliament building out on the streets using a van with loudspeakers.  The revolt spread quickly across Hungary, and the government collapsed. 

The Soviets did not let us divorce from the communist Warsaw pact. On the 4th of November, a large Soviet force invaded Budapest and other regions of the country. The Hungarian resistance continued until 10 November, though.

We are proud of it!

Although the revolution was defeated this was was first major threat to Soviet control over Eastern Europe. It was a really big deal. We are very proud of it.

It was such an impactful event that TIME Magazine accorded the Man of the Year title to the unknown Hungarian Freedom Fighter.

Original Time Magazine Cover 2

The mural jigsaw…

Visit the mural. Right behind it you will see a slight curve in the Wesselényi street. This curve resembles a lot with the curve from the cover photo. Was the painter of the TIME Magazine cover page inspired by the Wesselényi street?

Wesselényi street
The slight curve of the Wesselényi street

Certainly I went closer…

Wesselényi street
Tower? Nope.

I went closer and I’ve got confused. The shape and the width of the street, and the buildings are very similar. Although on the cover page there is a tower, but at the exact same point I’ve rather found a built-in sharp, triangle roof.

Closer and closer!

I went even closer because I wanted to see it better. I didn’t give up. Although it is not a tower, but everything else fits my theory…

Wesselényi street
The corner of the streets of Wesselényi/Izabella

Voilá! This is it. A beautiful corner building with an emphasized triangle roof. Nevertheless, I didn’t solve the mystery, but this is how a good tourist acts. That is what I am in my own city. I discover something new all the time.

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