“Nyugati” (“The Western”) is one of the four main railway stations of Budapest. Opened on October 22, 1877 was a great achievement for a country that rapidly changed from being a rural underdeveloped region, to a highly industrialized welfare state.

The railway station was named only from 1891 onwards as “Nyugati” (“The Western”) and contrary to the widespread myth, has nothing to do with its location, neither with the direction of trains leaving the station. It was named merely, because another railway station from the city was named “Keleti” (“The Eastern”).

The train station has beautiful architectural features. Visiting it, it’s a real time travel, that brings me in the heyday period of the dual Austro-Hungarian empire.

Nowadays. the still functioning station seeks a serious renovation, that probably will be completed in the coming decade.

I am grateful for this wonderful old photo to Fortepan.

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