The Holy Right Hand is the mummified right hand once belonged to King Stephen, the first Hungarian king (1000-1038). It is housed in the St. Stephen Basilica in Budapest and once a year, on August 20, it is carried in the Holy Right Hand ( Szent Jobb) procession.

Here is the story of the Holy Right Hand in a nutshell. The nation’s founding father, Stephen when died, was buried in Székesfehérvár on August 15, 1038, in a sarcophagus that is more or less intact in our days, although empty. The body was later reburied in the lower underground catacomb out of fear of possible disturbances of the grave.

It was when the hand was removed from the rest of the body because of its alleged miraculous properties. It was taken to the treasury of the basilica from where the man who was in charge of guarding the treasury stole it and hid it on his estate in the County of Bihar/Bihor, today Romania (at that time Bihar belonged to Hungary).

The story of the Right Hand continued, and throughout the centuries was transported to several countries, but finally was brought back to the Basilica in Budapest, which was dedicated to its owner, to the nation’s founding father, Saint Stephen.

Today, the mysterious mummified and embalmed right hand is tpo be visited by everyone who comes to Budapest. Want me to include the Holy Right Hand and the St. Stephen Basilica in your Budapest tour schedule? Contact me for a private tour! 😉