The beauty and the beast sometimes are next to each other in Budapest… But how would you call a ‘beaty’ that turns into a ‘beast’ due to neglect?

Anyhow… Important to note, that the majority of the beautiful Art Nouveau buildings from Budapest were built between 1870-1910. If I do the math that makes even the youngest builiding to be over 100 years old. Luckily these buildings are rock steady, massive houses made of bricks!

Nonetheless, many of them (never renovated) slowly started to come undone. If not the whole building, but parts of it. Just like this romantic wrought iron railing that I have seen in the 8th district.

Not sure, when will be renovated, but there is a general positive tendency about these old buildings lately. In the past few years, many of them were neatly renovated, therefore we have reason to hope that most of these old features, will be saved in the coming years.

Up until then, come and visit Budapest to see these “old but gold” beauties, and how time transforms something beautiful into a building that tell old tales.

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