The Rumbach Street synagogue (Rumbach utcai zsinagóga) is located in my very neighbourhood (Erzsébetváros – the VIIth district of Budapest). The synagogue in Rumbach Street was built in 1872 and was designed by Viennese architect Otto Wagner.  It served the more conservative members of the Neológ Jewish community of Pest.

The Moorish Revival style synagogue was in a really bad shape for decades, but fortunately it was saved from complete dilapidation. There is a thorough, ongoing renovation of the building, which is soon to be completed, therefore, soon it is expected to open its door to the visitors.

The octagonal, balconied, domed synagogue intricately patterned and painted in Islamic style is exquisitely beautiful. It was built not as an exact replica of, but as an homage to the style of the octagonal Dome of the Rock Muslim shrine in Jerusalem.