Jewish Insider Tour

You want a big time insider guide in the Jewish Quarter? Lucky you, you’ve just found it!

I am a resident of the Synagogue Triangle with close ties to the Jewish communities. I’ll take you to all the sites and I’ll tell you all the secrets of them.

  • Entering the Synagogues 100% 100%
  • Tasting Hungarian-Jewish confectioneries 100% 100%
  • Behind the scenes effect 😉 100% 100%
Insider Jewish Tour Private scaled


approx. 4 hours, …but we can check at the end the best Ruin Pub – SZIMPLA for a drink! 🙂


90 € – all entrance fees and delicious Hungarian – Jewish confectioneries are included.


Who wants to discover the most vibrant part of Budapest, in a tour that includes all fees.




Tour Description:

I will pick you from your hotel or Airbnb and we will hit the edge of the Jewish Quarter. You will hear about Jewish life and customs. For sure I will connect all the mental dots, by telling you the history of Jews in Budapest. You will witness the whole course of history with me.

Oh, I haven’t mentioned. I have a special license to bring visitors to the Jewish complex and the second largest synagogue in the world (the Dohany street synagogue). We will enjoy the stunning interior of the Synagogue and we will enter the Jewish Museum where I can explain more about Jewish wisdom and tradition.

In the area where the Jewish ghetto stood in the WWII, we will see the poignant memorials dedicated to the victims and I will tell you how Jews spent their days in the horrors of the ghetto. At the Memorial of the Heroes I will tell you about those heroes who had saved thousands of innocent lives.

Moving forward, we will stroll around the cute streets of the Jewish Quarter, and we will visit the Orthodox Synagogue. I will talk about the Orthodox city within the city and their ritual bath house (mikveh/mikvah). 

We will take a break to process the tour at a typical Jewish cake manufacturing company. We will have a nice chat along with some confectioneries and an energizing drink. To kill the calories, I will bring you further to the traditional Jewish Home Museum where you will see exciting objects and furnitures from the late 1800s.

During the tour I’ll show you popular passageways, but also hidden gems, and I will tell you the secrets of the buildings from the Jewish Quarter. If you will feel like, I’ll bring you to the world famous SZIMPLA ruin bar to chat about the things seen during the tour and to give you further tips and tricks for the rest of your stay in Budapest.

Things we will see

✅ Dohany street Synagogue (inside visit)

✅ Neolog Jewish Centre

✅ The old epicenter of Jewish life

✅ Jewish Museum (inside visit)

✅ Martyr’s cemetery

✅ Holocaust Memorial Park

✅ Tree of life

✅ Heroes’ Temple (outside visit)

✅ Gozsdu passageway

✅ Rumbach street Synagogue (outside visit)

✅ Kazinczy street Synagogue (inside visit)

✅ Orthodox Jewish Centre

✅ Ritual bath (mikveh/mikvah)

✅ Jewish Home Museum (inside visit)

✅ Visiting a Jewish Building

✅ Jewish pastry shop

What’s included?

✅ Entrance fees

  • Dohany street Synagogue
  • Jewish Museum
  • Holocaust Memorial Park
  • Kazinczy street Synagogue
  • Jewish Home Museum

✅ Jewish-Hungarian confectionery

✅ Soda/Mineral water/Coffee

✅ Historical perspective

✅ Lot’s of tips and tricks

✅ Inside look into a typical building

✅ Optionally an extension of the tour with checking-in into the famous SZIMPLA Ruin Bair

Meeting point

Ideally at the Opera House at 10 o’clock in the morning, but I can pick you up at your Hotel / Airbnb.