History Fanatic Tour

Budapest is one of the most dramatic cities in the world which radiates from its iconic landmarks.

By choosing this tour, you will truly understand Hungarian history, which stands at the root of how Hungary and Budapest is structured in our days. From the conquest of Hungary to our current agenda within the EU and NATO, you will definitely understand why such a small country always plays a key role in the history of other nations.

  • All historical landmarks 100% 100%
  • Understanding Hungarian uniqueness 100% 100%
  • Bites, tastes and surprises 100% 100%
History Fanatic Tour Budapest


approx. 5 hours




History geeks



Tour Description:

I will pick you from your hotel or Airbnb and we will hit the Heroes Square. I will bring you up to speed with the Hungarian conquest, and the major events that tossed and turned Hungarian history throughout the past 1200 years. You will hear about the hustle how Hungarians adopted Christianism, and how a barbaric nation created a European state. You will also learn about the struggles that lead to century long occupations of the country. This kick-off will be dense and very interesting.

Further, we will escape the heavy stories and we will move to a scene which brings us to the heydays of Hungarian history in the late 1800’s. It will be a time travel, with architectural beauties and we will check the lobby of a monumental bath house, to really understand how was life in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

We will take the oldest metro line of the continent (which BTW is a World Heritage Site) and we will hit the downtown. We will go to the Parliament to visit the Parliament museum and to see arguably the most important landmark.

Further, we will visit the Liberty Square, which will bring us back to the Cold War years. We will enter the St. Stephen Basilica and we will check where to former city wall was.

We will enter the Synagogue Triangle where the former Jewish Ghetto stood during the Holocaust. I will take you to my favourite pastry shop, where we will take a nice break. You will be my guest for the famous Hungarian-Jewish layered confectionery, and I will make sure that you will also have something nice to drink.

With our bellies full, I will explain about Hungarian architectural styles, and how history contributed to the creation of the famous Hungarian Ruin Pubs. I will bring you into the most famous of them.

Continuing at the Danube Promenade, I will explain how the two parts of the city were formed and how their role shifted in history. We will cross the famous Chain Bridge and we will arrive through a smart elevator to the Buda Castle, where we will walk next to the Castle the Fiserman’s Bastion and the Matthias Church and I will give you further tips on how you can make the most of your stay and what are the places that really worth visiting.


Things we will see

✅ Heroes Square

✅ Vajdahunyad Castle

✅ Szechenyi bath house

✅ Oldest metro line

✅ Parliament

✅ Liberty Square

✅ Soviet Monument

✅ St. Stephen’s Basilica

✅ Jewish Quarter

✅ Dohany street Synagogue

✅ SZIMPLA Ruin Bar

✅ Danube Promenade

✅ Chain Bridge

✅ Buda Castle

✅ Fishermen’s Bastion

✅ Matthias Church

What’s included?

✅ Public Transportation

✅ Dessert confectionery

✅ Coffee/soda/mineral water

✅ Deep Historical perspective

✅ Insights on current landscape of Hungary

✅ Lot’s of tips and tricks

✅ Fun, fun, fun!

Meeting point

Ideally at the Opera House at 10 o’clock in the morning, but I can pick you up at your Hotel / Airbnb.