• Where do I get tickets or how do I book?
    Booking online is the best way to secure your place on one of the Budapest Behind The Scenes Tours. Since the tour is organized based on the prepaid bookings, this is the best way for you to be absolutely sure that your place will be secured for the tour. Paying by cash at the beginning of the tour it is also possible, however, if you do not book online in advance your participation, you may miss out the tour in case the tour will be fully booked for that day. Same applies if the tour is cancelled or there is a change in the schedule. If you show up only at the meeting point without prior booking, I will not know that you intend to participate at the tour, therefore I will not be able to update you accordingly.
  • How can I pay?
    There are accepted credit and debit cards online and cash. For private tours, bank transfers are also accepted.
  • Can I tip my guide?
    Tipping is by no means required but always appreciated.
  • Where do the tours leave from?
    The tours meet as a standard at Andrássy út 130. Only for confirmed online bookings. Please make sure to secure your tour in advance, before you would show up at the meeting point.
  • How can I find the meeting point?                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The meeting point is easily accessed through the Metro line no. 1 (the yellow metro line). Your stop will be Hősök tere (Heroes Square). Once you ascend from the metro, you will be just a few steps away from the Andrássy 130. I will stand right there and I will wait for you in front of the Café Kara. Once you are at the street level of the metro station, you should be easily finding me in a minute.
  • When the tours start?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The standard starting time is 10 am, however in case that the tour is fully booked or in the event that it is cancelled I do not recommend to just show at the meeting point at a given day at 10 am. Please, if it is possible book your ticket online so that we know in advance that I should be count on your participation. If you can pay only by cash, please inform me the latest the day prior the tour by 4pm local time, so that I can plan ahead accordingly and in case of cancellation or change in the schedule to be able to inform you in time.
  • When should I show up for my tour? 
    I suggest to show up at designated tour meeting point 5-10 minute prior to tour time.
  • Will my tour be cancelled if the weather is bad?
    No, tours run in all weather conditions. Please expect that the tour/program will take place under any normal weather circumstances which may include conditions such as raining, snowing, high temperature, cold or strong wind. Therefore, please wear clothes and bring accessories adjusted to the weather conditions (which may include comfortable shoes and clothes adjusted to the outside temperature, umbrella/raincoat, a hat that protects from the sun and sunglasses etc), and also to prepare in advance for a roughly 4-hour long tour. Please don’t forget to bring a bottle of water.
  • What happens if you cancel my tour and I’ve already booked?
    This rarely happens but if it does you will be fully refunded.
  • My travel plans have changed and I can no longer make my tour!
    As long as you let us know at least 2 days 49+hours before your tour, your ticket is fully transferable to another date and time that’s more suitable for you. If we can’t find you a suitable tour, I will fully refund you, as long as you let me know at least 49+hours prior the tour. For further information please see the Terms and conditions.
  • Who is the Guide? 
    Your guide is Bela, he is a licensed tour guide, but also a resident of Budapest. Although he is Hungarian he has a fascinating background, as he was born and raised in Transylvania, Romania and he moved 10 years ago to Budapest. When it comes to questions please feel free to use his diverse background, for an even more colorful guided tour experience.