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Who am i?

I’m born and raised in Transylvania/Romania in a Hungarian minority family. Because of my nationalty, I was always connected to Budapest.

My story started back in 1984 in Romania. Those were very different times, because Romania was under communism. When I was a little kid, it was virtually impossible to cross the boarder. I spent my early years in Romania under the dictator: Nicolae Ceausescu. After the collapse of communism it was easier to travel between the two countries. Because of my Hungarian background, I took every opportunity to visit Hungary.

I was 25, when I finally decided to start a new life in Budapest. Once graduated from university, I wanted to figure out what suits ME the best and where is “home” to me. My natural choice was Budapest. Seemed impossible when I was a child, became my reality in 2009. Dreams do come true!

Budapest Guided Tour
10 years have passed since I became part of the local Budapest community. As a resident of the coolest District within Budapest (Erzsébetváros/Elisabethtown) launched the Színes Erzsébetváros Hungarian Facebook blog. I’ve created the content with passion. Therefore it turned out to be a huge success. The site has 2000 followers and makes me a local opinion maker. I am now an official tour guide now. My mission is to show you my stunning city through an unforgettable guided tour experience.

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Hanna Szenes mini-statue in Budapest!

World famous heroine, Hanna Szenes' mini statue was unveiled in Budapest, with the occasion of the International Women's Day 2020. Hanna Szenes was a poet and a Special Operations Executive (SOE) member. She was one of 37 Jewish SOE recruits from Mandate...