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Grand Budapest Tour

The ultimate 5-hour, all-inclusive Budapest guided tour!

🚇🚋🏙️🥧☕ (all included)

60  / person
    Insider Jewish Tour

    Two world famous synagogues, Jewish home and Goodies

    🕍🗿🏪🍰☕ (all included)

    90 € / person
    History Fanatic Tour

    From Heroes Square to Parliament, from Soviet Memorial to Buda Castle.

    🚇🏙️🏛🥧☕ (all included)

    50 € / person
    “Eat like a Hungarian” tour

    Goulash, langosh, confectioneries, Hungarian drinks, lots of stories and a guided tour in downtown Budapest.

    🚇☕🥧🍰 🍷(all included)


    90 € / person
    Art Nouveau Tour

    We’ll discover the Art Nouveau wonders on both side of the river, we will check the Hungarian Art Nouveau Museum, and we will spoil ourselves with Hungarian pastries

    🚇🚋🏙️🥧☕ (all included)


    70 € / person
    I’ll create your personalized tour
    Want a perfect day? I’ll need just a few hints to plan it for you!

    How long are you available? Which are the landmarks of Budapest that you want to visit? Lunch in the city?

    Absolutely! Just tell me what you wish and I’ll create your own Budapest tour!


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    Hanna Szenes mini-statue in Budapest!

    World famous heroine, Hanna Szenes' mini statue was unveiled in Budapest, with the occasion of the International Women's Day 2020. Hanna Szenes was a poet and a Special Operations Executive (SOE) member. She was one of 37 Jewish SOE recruits from Mandate...